Introduction to Innovation Roles

Jul 17, 2023


Innovation is a crucial element for businesses to stay competitive in today's fast-paced world. To foster innovation within organizations, various roles are needed to drive the process forward. In this blog post, we will explore different types of innovation roles and their importance in creating a culture of innovation.

Innovation Strategist

An innovation strategist plays a vital role in defining the overall innovation strategy of a company. They analyze market trends, identify opportunities, and develop a roadmap for innovation initiatives. By aligning business goals with innovation objectives, they ensure that the organization is moving in the right direction.

innovation strategist

Idea Generator

As the name suggests, an idea generator is responsible for coming up with fresh and creative concepts. They encourage brainstorming sessions, facilitate idea generation workshops, and promote a culture of open communication. Their role is to inspire and motivate team members to think outside the box.

idea generator

Project Manager

The project manager plays a crucial role in overseeing the implementation of innovative ideas. They coordinate resources, set timelines, and ensure that projects are executed efficiently. With their strong organizational skills, they keep the innovation process on track and ensure that goals are met.

project manager


A researcher gathers valuable insights by conducting market research, analyzing consumer behavior, and studying industry trends. By staying up-to-date with the latest advancements, they provide the necessary information for making informed decisions. Their findings help shape innovative solutions that meet customer needs.



A prototyper brings ideas to life by creating tangible prototypes or mock-ups. They use various tools and technologies to build prototypes that can be tested and refined. By visualizing concepts, they help teams better understand the potential of an idea and make necessary improvements before implementation.


Change Advocate

A change advocate plays a critical role in driving cultural change within an organization. They promote the adoption of new ideas and encourage employees to embrace innovation. By fostering a supportive environment and addressing resistance, they help create a culture that values and embraces change.

change advocate


Collaboration is key to successful innovation, and a collaborator facilitates teamwork and cross-functional cooperation. They bring together individuals with diverse skills and encourage them to work together towards a common goal. By fostering collaboration, they enable the exchange of ideas and promote synergy.



An entrepreneur within an organization takes calculated risks and explores new business opportunities. They identify potential markets, develop business models, and drive innovation from an entrepreneurial perspective. Their role is to challenge the status quo and find innovative ways to create value for the organization.



Each innovation role mentioned above plays a unique part in the innovation process. By having a diverse team with individuals fulfilling these roles, organizations can foster a culture of innovation and stay ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape. Whether it's strategizing, generating ideas, managing projects, researching, prototyping, advocating change, collaborating, or embracing entrepreneurship, these roles are essential for driving innovation forward.